100k and one week to go :)

Hi Everybody,

Happy Thanksgiving! Did you have a good week? We have atm the bad kind of winter 😉 it is cold, rains all the time and gets dark at 5pm, but we don’t have any snow. Snow would be so nice! But not the wet slush snow, the fluffy powder. But the birds have a good time in my garden. We have a lot of trees and bushes which still carry berries/fruits from autumn. The birds have a blast xD

In the last update I asked you if you wanted the (A) European hedgehog or the (B) Bombardier beetle in the game. Many backers took part in this poll, thank you so much! As a Swiss I’m a big direct democracy fan 😀 Here are the results:

(A) European hedgehog 72% ; (B) Bombardier Beetle 28%

The European hedgehog is therefore drawn by Rozenn as a Small Body Card 😊 Poor beetle had no chance against the cute hedgehog 😛 Don’t be sad beetle, you gave your best. I will add the bombardier beetle to the proposal list!

Today we cracked the 100k, that’s awesome! Many thanks to all of you! I am very curious how far the final boost will take us. With this 100k-SG also a new poll was activated! Thank you very much in advance for your participation. (To participate, just add a comment below this update with (A) or (B) or write me an email to info@treecer.com) Here are the candidates (for a Double Legs illustration by Rozenn)…

(A) Mimic octopus or (B) Blue-ringed octopus

The ballot boxes are open until 12pm (CET) on Saturday. This time I’m really curious which species will make the race. Both candidates seem to be equally strong. This is a hard decision 🙂 the next Stretch Goal we can reach, is “Meat Lovers” 😀 it does not include a new poll, but there are a lot of great dinosaur species in this Stretch Goal!

Last weekend we were at the Herofest, a convention in Bern. The convention was going O.K. 😛 The problem was not our booth, we sold a lot compared to other booths, but it just had too few people/visitors. For a good convention it just needs a critical mass of people, otherwise nobody feels comfortable. The few visitors feel observed, the stand owners are bored, etc. Whether things go well at a convention or not, you can always see on how the booth owners behave xD if they are never at their booth, talk to each other and walk around, then something is definitely not so good 😉 In addition, it was too loud, way too loud (due to ESport tournaments, concerts etc.). The bass “wrecked” our heads xD with that it’s of course hard to explain an evolution game to potential customers, that’s not a pleasant atmosphere. We’ve shared all our criticisms with the organizers in a fair way, because that’s the only way they can improve. Since we have also spoken with many other booth owners, we know that we are not alone with this opinion. Nevertheless, every convention is exciting, you learn new things, get to know new people etc. and when Sam, Elio and I do something together, we always have fun anyway 😀

We took part in a “quest system” at this convention. The visitors of our booth had to create their very own species to fulfill the quest 🙂

In addition, the team has the “plague” atm XD the last two weeks I was sick, now Samuel has it. Sore throat, a runny nose, stuffed sinuses, headaches, the whole program xD Elio the lucky one has been spared until now. Let’s wait and see… 😉

As I already said, there are now 7 exciting days ahead of us. The team and I will give everything again 😊 I hope that you also support us! Every little social media post/each short conversation about our campaign helps us enormously, because it takes us a little step further. On Monday we will publish a post on all social media platforms, which summarizes our project well, so that you can simply repost/share it with your friends. Now I just wish you all a great day!

With best regards,

Marc, Elio and Samuel