Week 2


  • The Pledge Manager takes place mid-January.
  • The Moa (A) has won the poll with 72% and will be included in the game as an illustration.
  • Tim may wish for a species, which will be illustrated by Rozenn.
  • Rozenn has already illustrated many of the new cards. In the update some head cards are shown for the first time.
  • The team is currently busy with many different tasks, e.g. Elio is working on the redesign of the website and Samuel is organizing our office move in the beginning of January.
  • Vote: What do you think about jigsaw puzzles?

Hi Everybody,

Now it’s my turn again with the weekly update 😊 sorry for being late 😛 The whole team was watching the new Star Wars movie tonight. Don’t worry, I won’t spoiler anything 😉 The movie took forever, then of course everything had to be discussed in detail etc. Therefore, I publish this update a little bit later than planned. As a “non-Star Wars fan” who only goes to the movies because he is forced by his friends, I can say that the movie is like all the other movies before, quite illogical XD Elio and Sam, who are real Star Wars fans, were quite satisfied with the outcome (it’s way better than no. 8). It wasn’t as bad as expected 😉 but now enough about Star Wars and to the essential stuff…

First and foremost, the Pledge Manager for the Kickstarter campaign will take place in January. Before Christmas and right after Christmas, this wouldn’t have made too much sense, because most of you will have better things to do in this time. So, in mid-January you will all receive your Pledge Manager link.

Then to point number 2 on the list – the poll. For one week all our backers had time to decide between (A) Moa and (B) Elephant Bird. Here is the result:

(A) Moa 72%; (B) Elephant Bird 28%.

Thus, the Moa gets illustrated by Rozenn! I am already very excited about the final illustration. This was the last Stretch Goal poll for this Kickstarter campaign, thank you very much for your participation. We will continue to hold such polls in future Kickstarter campaigns for future games, as we have found this involvement of the community to be very positive.

Then to the third most important point. On the last day of the campaign we did a quiz in the comment section, smart answers and questions were rewarded with points. The winner may now choose one species to be included in the game, 😊 The winner is Tim, he won with 9 hard earned points. I haven’t told him anything yet and now I am curious if he will read this update xD So Tim, which species should Rozenn illustrate? (You all are of course allowed to influence Tim in the comments 😉) Thanks again to all who took part in the quiz, I enjoyed it a lot.

Then point four… Rozenn is diligently drawing and has already finished many illustrations. Here are the five head illustrations of the first two stretch goals. In the next weeks I will show you many more.

Hyracotherium, Sandfish, Placerias, Camarasaurus and Protoceratops

Summary about the other things we did this week…

  • Whole team: We are still meeting with several game designers, who present us their games. In a future update I will be happy to show you what we are looking at and how we decide whether we are interested in a game or not. In addition, we are currently working hard on a future game, which we might present to you in 2020. It’s a project I’ve been working on since I was a child 😊 I’m really looking forward to show you the first pictures of this game.
  • Marc: My focus is currently on many organizational details. For example, I’m asking for quotes for the production of the games from different manufacturers, which I then compare with each other. Then I prepare for the financial “company” statement, which I have to prepare in January. In addition, I also plan the details for the Pledge Manager, because it must be set up very precisely. On top I also have several creative/design tasks, like the communication with Rozenn/Yuji, the implementation of the illustrations as cards etc.
  • Samuel: Samuel’s biggest focus is still on the encyclopedia, which of course still has to be completed. Many texts, distribution maps etc. still have to be created, i.e. there is still a lot to do there. Elio and I will support Sam as good as possible. Additionally, Samuel is currently auctioning furniture, lamps etc. on online auction platforms for 2-3 CHF each (the cheaper the better xD). On January 1st we will move into a bigger office and for this we need more of everything 😉 as soon as we have moved into the new office, we will of course tell you about it.
  • Elio: The big task of Elio in the next weeks (besides his exams at the university) will be the redesign of our website. My brother has planned everything page by page with him last week and we are convinced that the new design will bring a big improvement in user guidance. As soon as the website is available in the new design, I will of course also tell you about it.

Then a small request for the end, I would like to do a vote on a topic and it would help us a lot if as many of you as possible would participate 😊 thank you very much in advance! What do you think about jigsaw puzzles (with animals)?

(A) I like jigsaw puzzles and would be interested in a Kickstarter campaign

(B) I like jigsaw puzzles, a Kickstart campaign would not interest me.

(C) I don’t care about jigsaw puzzles.

Now I just wish you from the bottom of my heart a merry Christmas with your loved ones, enjoy the free days and the delicious food 😀

My christmas tree – it’s huge, I LOVE IT!!! 😀

With best regards from Switzerland,

Marc, Elio and Samuel

PS: I discovered another interesting project on Kickstarter 😊 It is a climate change game designed by a climatologist. The project page is designed really “old school” i.e. it looks completely different from a modern page e.g. it has way too much text, almost no graphic assets, no previews etc. But somehow, I find this guy and his idea just really nice. This project shows exactly what Kickstarter stands for – helping people to realize their visions. If this sounds interesting please a look at the project, here is the LINK