Funded in less than 1 day! And now? :)

Hi Everyone,

I’m back 😀 sorry for not writing this update earlier. Last night I was just too tired. The whole team almost didn’t sleep during the night from Monday to Tuesday. I had about 2.5h, Samuel only 2h 😛 So we were awake almost 48h XD it was a bit crazy! Unfortunately, I also don’t have a happy “thank you” photo of the whole team for you, because we looked “destroyed”. Yesterday evening I looked at Samuel and said, “Dude, you look totally destroyed and have huge dark circles under your eyes!”. He just said, “Marc, have you looked at yourself in the mirror today?” XD So it’s positive for you that you don’t have to look at us, we look horrible 😛 But now enough introductory text, let’s move on to the important things.

First and foremost, “Darwin’s Choice – Expansion and Encyclopedia” was funded in less than half a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in making this happen together! We were incredibly nervous before the start of the campaign, because you never know how it will go. The fact that we collected about 45k in one day goes far beyond our expectations. This is about 3 times better than our first campaign. Now we will simply do our best to ensure that this ship takes up even more speed than last time. Thank you so much for being part of our crew. Now there is only one question left, who wants to be my 1st mate? 😉 (I’m the captain, of course xD)

In addition we have already reached our first stretch goal due to the good start. This brings 11 new animal species into play! The next Stretch Goal is the “Small Sandmosters”, I just love these little fellers! Especially the sandfish, it is perfectly adapted to the life in sand! 

As you may know or have already seen, most of the stretch goal include a poll. This means that you, our backers, can decide which animal species will be drawn by Rozenn. With the first Stretch Goal, you can now choose whether you want to have…

(A) Lambeosaurus, (B) Corythosaurs or (C) Tsintaosaurus. 

… as part of the game. 

How can you vote? At the beginning of your comment (under this update or with a mail to simply add the matching letter in brackets 😊 e.g. “(A), Hi Marc, How are you?”. For every poll I will announce in an update where you can vote and when, then it is easier for me to evaluate everything at the end. The ballot boxes for this first poll are open until 12:00am (CET) tomorrow. I am already very curious, which species will be the chosen one 😀 My choice would be (C), but I’m not allowed to vote xD

Once again I will  keep a “proposal list” in this Kickstarter campaign. On this proposal list I will note all species that you want to have as part of this game, but that are not included yet. In this DROPBOX you will find a list with all animal species which are currently part of the expansion and the base game (only those species of the first stretch goal are missing atm).

In order to keep our KS campaign going, I and the team will again give everything 😊 i.e. from today on you will see advertising from us on many board game platforms (also on Facebook), every day reviews of the base game will be published, we will visit some board game days and conventions (on Saturday 9.11 we are e.g. at the St. Galler Game night), some people still give us shout outs, we are in contact with Kickstarter, etc. The list is very long and day by day we will work us through a part of it 😊

Here are two new reviews of Darwin’s Choice:

It would be great, of course, if you would also support us. Because every little piece of support helps to make sure that we will unlock all Stretch Goals and therefore in the end all Animal Cards in the game will be unique. There are a million ways you can support us 🙂 The biggest help is when you tell all your friends about us. In the lower third of the campaign page you will find our social media accounts and a folder with pictures/photos (or HERE). Every post on your social media accounts and every friend you personally tell about us helps a lot. You can also visit our project on from time to time, consequently we’ll appear higher on the list and that’s important 🙂 We are very grateful for any support, no matter how small!

Now I just wish you a great afternoon,

Thank you very much for everything!

With best regards,

Marc, Elio and Samuel

PS: A few backers received 3 mails from us at the start. We’re really sorry about that. It wasn’t intentional. We used MailChimp for the first time and had some technical problems 😛 Sorry! This will not happen again, please don’t be mad at us O.O