Week 1

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all able to enjoy the Christmas season 🙂 Christmas is always a great opportunity to spend time with your closest ones, but I have to admit that organizing all the gifts is quite stressful. I was able to do all my Christmas shopping yesterday and thus I’m very happy it’s done for this year 🙂 But Christmas seems still far away with all the work that we are currently confronted with. I’ll get to all the details in a moment.

A short side note: In the future we will try to make a short summary of our updates at the beginning. The idea behind this is that those that only have very little time should also be able to get an overview about our project and its development. Of course, for those who are interested in a deeper insight of our work, I warmly recommend reading the whole updates :))

Slowly but steadily we worked ourselves through all the documents that we set aside during the Kickstarter campaign and that have accumulated into a large workload. A lot of mails had to be written, many calls were made, many appointments that had to be set. Thus, our schedule in December is quite fully booked. We are meeting various creators that would like to collaborate with us or creators that show interest in Kickstarter and would like to get some insights from us. This is certainly very interesting, and we are happy to tell you more about possible collaborations in the future.

I was also able to update all the exhibitions that could be interesting for us in the upcoming year and to get in contact with several organizing committee to see what deal they could offer us. At the end of December, we will then be able to define which exhibition we will attend in 2020. One of the main decisions will then also been taken with regards to the eventual attendance as exhibitors at the big board game convention “SPIEL” in Essen. But what I can already announce is that we will participate at the “Luzerner Spieltage” at the beginning of March, the “Wiler Spielfest” at the end of March and the “Fantasy Basel” in May. We are very much looking forward being part of those events and to introduce Darwin’s Choice to many new people 🙂 

During the week I sat together with Marc‘s brother, which is a designer and worked in a marketing agency for several years. His insight in the field of Social media marketing and website design is very helpful. We are always very much interested in improving in all kind of fields and thus value his feedback a lot. With his help the website will be adjusted comprehensively in the upcoming months. Additionally, we will work out a social media plan for the next quarter.

With “Darwin’s Choice before and after” and “Darwin’s Encyclopedia” everything is on track. Rozenn started with the drawing of the unlocked stretch goals, I’m sure Marc will show you some highlights in next week’s update. To make Christmas even a nicer event 😉 I am currently in the process of clarification with our book producer about the material of the encyclopedia. We already received many samples concerning the paper. Soon we will receive many more examples concerning the paper thickness. I can promise that the material and the thickness of the paper will be of highest quality 🙂

Now we come to the most exciting part of the whole update 😀 The voting of the animal card that will get drawn from Rozenn from the unlocked stretch goal Nr. 11 “Extinction caused by humans” and ultimately included into the game. The choice between (A) the moa or (B) the elephant bird. Please indicate your choice by writing a comment within this update 🙂

The election is open for one week and Marc will let you know in the next update which animal the majority has chosen 🙂 Thank you very much for your participation and I wish you a great week!

Samuel, Marc and Elio