Week 13: The Encyclopedia (English) is ready


  • In this update we will present the Encyclopedia (English) to you. We are grateful for any help with the proofreading.

Hi Everyone,

As promised yesterday, the English version of the Encyclopedia is finally here 🙂

In this DROPBOX you can find the animal entries of the Encyclopedia (as a PDF). Before you start having a look at it, please finish reading this update, because it contains important information and answers many potential questions in advance (and prevents you from wasting your precious time).

First, a few important remarks:

  • This file is a draft i.e. it is far from “production readiness”. But it is good enough that we can show it to you. Before we will submit it for production, we will have a final precise look at all entries and will check all the details one after another. In addition, two proofreaders, who I trust very much, will have a final look at the file in the end.
  • The pictures in this PDF file are quite blurred and this is intended. We have promised both Rozenn and Yuji that we will never put their illustrations online in high resolution, so no one can steal them. In the contracts we signed with them, it is exactly regulated what we are allowed to do with their illustrations and what not. We have to respect these contracts. In the finished book, however, everything will of course be in razor-sharp resolution.
  • The font used for the names shows strange black lines. We always have this problem, when we use this font in PDFs (was already the case with the base game and is called “stitching”). Nothing to worry about, because the lines won’t be there in the final product.
  • In the PDF you will only find the 304 animal entries i.e. the cover, the legend for the icons, the glossary etc. are missing. They will follow this week and will of course be included in the final product.

Then important information for all readers of the file.

  • I’m grateful for every little tip, i.e. even if you just skim the file and notice only one small detail, please let me know by sending a mail to marc@treecer.com.
  • If you want to proofread the whole file or even a part of it for us, we would be very grateful! (because English is not our mother tongue, we are from Switzerland) Since we have many more English-speaking backers than German-speaking ones, we use a different “approach” for the English version. I have set up two Google Docs Files: SHORT TEXT and LONG TEXT. Now, if you find an error when reading the PDF file, you can suggest how to fix it directly in the Google Docs files. I can then accept or reject all changes at the end.
  • Please, and this is really important because many will work within these files, correct only if you are 100% sure that something is wrong. And if you want to completely change the sentence or want to propose a bigger change, perform a “right click” on your computer and write a “comment”. Otherwise we will have a huge mess in the end, and everybody has spent their time for nothing.
  • Don’t forget, the space is limited, we only have 218 characters (incl. spaces) for the small texts and 443 (incl. spaces) for the large ones.
  • If you want to be immortalized with your name, please add a comment in the end of the Goodle Docs Files with your name. Thank you!
  • As I know, we have many zoologists and biologists among our backers, so if somebody finds factual errors, I am very happy for a hint! I know that some of our backers even wrote studies about certain animal species in the encyclopedia. Please help us to make this right 🙂 Please, send all “factual errors” (e.g. wrong Latin name, wrong dimensions, wrong map etc.) to me with an email to marc@treecer.com. Of course, we will also immortalize your name if you “only” check the facts and not the spelling. That’s equally important for us.
  • With certain animals we don’t have all facts. Such “missing facts” are marked as “N/A”. If you know the “solution” for such an empty spot, because of your profession or because you keep these animals yourself, then I would be very happy if you would tell me with an email to marc@treecer.com.
  • I would be happy if I could have the corrections of the English version by Tuesday 17th March. (but like always, the earlier the better :))
  • Thanks a lot for your help, even if you just find one tiny mistake, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Now I wish you a wonderful week and thanks a ton for your help in advance! This truly means a lot to me and the whole team.

With best regards,

Marc, Elio and Samuel