Week 3


  • Rozenn is on schedule and has again drawn some beautiful animals.
  • In our Pledge Manager, which will be online during mid-January, Rozenns original artwork will be able to be purchased.
  • The annual planning of our company was discussed in detail.
  • Current focus lies in the preparation for the moving of our office in two days.

Hi everyone, I hope all of you had a great Christmas time :)!

Personally, I had a great time with my family. Although Christmas is special every year, this one was very memorable for me because it was the first time I experienced Christmas as an uncle. Even though it was louder than in the past years, it was a wonderful experience. Probably the greatest Christmas surprise I got was learning that I will be an uncle again in summer 2020 🙂

Christmas, always a magical time of the year

Rozenn is making good progress with the drawings and is right on schedule. Marc is the one in our team who receives the drawings, as he himself is an excellent artist and he can give the most helpful feedback from all of us. Therefore, I usually get to see the drawings as a larger package and am sometimes in a similar situation as you, our supporters, where I am informed weekly about the progress 😉 Even though I got in touch with her drawings a lot by playing Darwin’s Choice (both the base game and the expansion), I still find it incredible to see her new drawings and talent each time. I value her work a lot as an artist. Therefore, I am excited to show you some new drawings (legs and tails) of the first two stretch goals.

Brachiosaurus, Namib sand gecko, Southern marsupial mole, Maiasaurus, Common leopard gecko, Common collared lizard, Gila monster

Marc knows that I appreciate the art of Rozenn very much and has given me a very nice birthday present in mid-December: An original artwork from Rozenn called “Skillful aviators”. When we got the original art sent to us, I praised it over and over again because the details of the wings always amaze me. I thank Marc for this nice and attentive gesture. Now the picture has a special place in my room 🙂

My birthday present, a beautiful drawing from Rozenn

If you also appreciate Rozenn’s art and are interested in exhibiting her painting in your home, you will have a last chance to view and purchase the Original Arts in the Pledge manager, which will be online and communicated to you in mid-January. What is perhaps also good to know is that most of the sales flows directly to Rozenn, she has more than earned it 🙂

This week was a little shorter for us because of Christmas but there were lots to do. One of the most important aspects for our company is to plan realistically for the future, specifically 2020. Therefore, we met again with some creators who presented their own games or other projects for which we can consider possible collaborations. It sounds unbelievable, but since mid-December we have now looked at more than 10 projects. This allows us to plan for different options. We have already been able to discuss possible scenarios intensively. In the coming week, we will make a final decision on how we want to proceed in the near future and what kind of projects will be developed. Accordingly, the next week is very important for us.

I personally took care of the whole organization of the office change throughout the week. Next week, on December 31st, we will move into our new, four-times-bigger office 😀 This step is a necessary one, as our warehouse will continue to grow in the future. At the moment, the stock is also in another room. Our aim is that all our games are centrally located in the same place. This makes the whole organization a lot easier. However, we won’t need all the space in the new office for us alone, which is why we will share it with others. Therefore, I made a public tender and some interested people will come to see us next week. In the past weeks, I was able to bid for a lot of tables and office furniture for not more than 1 CHF (about 1$) each. It is unbelievable what good furniture gets thrown away and I can only recommend that you browse internet auction houses if you need new furniture. This week, we picked up all the stuff at the respective locations. Elio helped to unscrew and transport all the furniture, and it took us more than a day. I was very happy for his help and expertise. Now, we should be ready for the new office. I am looking forward to showing pictures of our new office next week 😀

This is it for this week. The only thing that I would like to address is to wish all of you only the best for the upcoming year 🙂 I hope that all your wishes will be granted and that you achieve your set goals. By the way, Marc will give you a great present next week, something you can look forward to 🙂