Weekly Update – 1 week to our second Kickstarter Campaign

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’m one day late to release this update 😛 Yesterday was an extremely stressful day and sometime late in the evening, I decided against a mediocre written update and continued working on the Kickstarter page. In 6 days, the campaign will start already, on the one hand we are all very much looking forward to the new campaign, on the other hand there is still a ton of work and some very short nights ahead of us. But we don’t have time to complain, we must keep working 😉

In this update I will briefly show you what the expansion “Darwin’s Choice – Before and After” exactly contains 😊 Afterwards I will give you some more information about the Kickstarter campaign.

“Darwin’s Choice – Before and After” is thematically divided like its name. The “Before”stands for all the new animal cards and biomes that will be included in the game. The focus is clearly on dinosaurs and prehistoric animal species. In addition, new and still living species will also be integrated into the game, many of which are critically endangered and therefore it is even more important to increase the Awareness for these species. In total (without Kickstarter exclusive cards) there are 239 new animal cards which will be integrated into the game. This is slightly more than in the base game. In addition, there are 8 new Biome Cards, 5 of them are prehistoric 🙂 With these new cards, the game will have an even greater variety than before and you will see different animal combinations in every round.

If you want to know exactly which animal species will be added to into the game, you can find an overview list HERE (leads to my Dropbox). With every Stretch Goal new animal species will be unlocked which will then replace artworks that are now represented twice in the expansion. Hopefully in the end we will achieve that all cards in the game are unique 😊 (The Stretch Goal animal species are not on the Dropbox list. We want to surprise you with every Stretch Goal).

The “After”stands for the rise of mankind. Therefore, 14 Human Event Cards will be integrated into the game and 16 Human Territories (4 types; +1 large National Park Chip). The Human Territories limit the food and “produce” a new food source – Waste (33 chips per game). The Human Event Cards address all topics from “Climate change” to “Illegal wildlife trade”. These Event Cards also change some aspects  of the Human Territories, i.e. the Food Supply continues to decline. This makes it even more important for your species to be able to live close to humans (for which they must fulfil certain conditions) in order to obtain Waste. The expansion thus addresses current issues. It was very important to us that humans also receive their place in the game as a “selection pressure”. This is because humankind influences evolution decisively and in a game like Darwin’s Choice, which wants to treat evolution in its entirety, humanity simply is a must. These two new card types change the game, i.e. the expansion not only brings new cards into the game, but also new game mechanics.

The Human Territory type “Suburb”
Human Event Cards

Expansion and base game are almost equal in terms of game components, the only difference is that the expansion has significantly fewer chips. In terms of cards, the expansion has even more to offer 😊 Qualitatively, the expansion will be in no way inferior to the base game i.e. 300gsm black core cards, 135gsm rulebook paper, 2mm cardboard etc. If it is affordable, the expansion will even have a slightly better quality than the base game (e.g. inlay).

There are also some important things to report regarding sustainability. Once again, we will only use wood from sustainable forestry for all components made from cardboard/paper. In addition, we will use as little plastic as possible, i.e. only 1-2 Zip-Baggies and the packaging foil to protect the game. In addition, we have decided to take this campaign one step further in the right direction. All our products from now on will be 100% CO2 neutral, i.e. we will offset the CO2 with the respected Swiss non-profit organization MyClimate. The project we will support is the reforestation of mangrove forests in the Ayeyarwady Delta in Myanmar. Mangroves store huge quantities of CO2 and are very important for the biodiversity. They are home to species such as the Asian elephant, the Dugong and Sea turtles, which are all part of Darwin’s Choice (The Mangrove forest will be added to the game as one of the new Biome Cards). But we will not stop there, we will not only be CO2 neutral, but we will double the compensation for all CO2 produced by us. Because “0” is no progress! With each of our products a very small progress for the climate and the people in Myanmar is achieved and that means a lot to us, our actions in life should have a meaning. If you want to know more about the project, you will find all the information HERE.

I really hope that I could show you what “Darwin’s Choice – Before and After” exactly is with this short overview 😊 We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to presenting it to you next week on Kickstarter. Of course, I hope that as many of you as possible will be on board again, because every single pledge, no matter how small, is important to us!

Now some last information about the campaign 😊 The campaign starts Tuesday November 5th at 10:00 CET (best to have an alarm clock that reminds you of our launch) and ends on December 5th at 5:00 CET. If you want to support us, it would be extremely helpful if you would do this on the first day. As you all know, the first 2-3 days are incredibly important for the success of a Kickstarter campaign. Therefore , every pledge in these first days is almost worth twice as much for us. Additionally, with a good start we increase the chance that all stretch goals will be reached and Darwin’s Choice gets a perfect finish. As I already mentioned before, this is the final campaign of Darwin’s Choice i.e. there will be no further expansion or campaign for Darwin’s Choice. After this campaign we will turn to new projects (other games 😉), which will hopefully fascinate you just as much as Darwin’s Choice.

Of course, we will also do our best to make sure that the campaign has a good start. To achieve this we will give our very best. Nevertheless, we are extremely grateful for every type of support. We won’t make it without you. Every post on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, BGG, Blogs, etc.), every colleague you inform about us, etc. really helps us. Thanks in advance for any of your help, no matter how small it is, we really appreciate it. To make this as easy as possible for you, in this DROPBOX you’ll find photos of the game as well as social media avatars if you want to change your profile picture. If you need anything else, just let me know, I will do my best to assist you as much as possible.

And for all those who won’t or can’t support us, thanks again for your support and trust in our first campaign. You have made all this possible and for this the entire team is truly grateful. Thank you so much!

Have a good week, I am looking forward to a great second campaign with you!

With best regards,

Marc, Elio and Samuel