Week 11: German version of the encyclopedia – part I

Summary of the update:

  • The German version of the encyclopedia will be presented during the beginning of next week. 
  • The English version of the encyclopedia will follow soon, after the first round of proofreading has been done.
  •  Soundtrack of the week: C2C – Delta 

Dear Backers,

I hope you had a pleasant week. This update will be shorter than usual. We will present the German version of the encyclopedia to you within an update in the next few days and there will be a lot to talk about. At the moment we are only missing a few of Rozenn’s biome icons, which we need to finish the encyclopedia. Those should arrive on Monday. 

However, I believe an update is still appropriate. It would rather be atypical if our weekly update would not be published on its regular basis. We don’t want to worry you unnecessarily. My father always uses to say that reliability obliges 🙂

We are aware that the English version has a wider range than the German one. But since our mother tongue is German (Swiss German to be precise), we can already do a lot of proofreading on the German version ourselves. The English version, on the other hand, will go through a first revision iteration done by a handful of selected proofreaders. The revised, corrected version will then be presented to all of you in a further step. The decision to finish the German version first, has also a strategic reason. German text needs much more space than English text. If there is enough space for the German version, we can therefore automatically assume that changing the language will not cause any space problems followed by complicated changes.

At the moment I am in the process of translating the German version into English. The English version should follow the German version relatively soon. Otherwise we spent the last week intensively with the completion of the encyclopedia. The mammals were the last animal category where the texts still had to be finished. Thereby we learned again some interesting facts about wildlife. A nice side effect, which comes along with all the necessary research. One interesting video which I found, I would like to share with you: In our game we have the Pyrenean ibex, an ibex subspecies, which unfortunately became extinct in 2000. The ibex are extremely good climbers, which the closely related Alpine ibex proves in the video below. Since I have some fear of heights, I already sweat while watching XD

I will provide all information needed regarding the proofreading in our next update. Have a great week and you will hear from us very soon again 🙂

With best regards,

Samuel, Marc and Elio