Week 14: Proofreading / Corona Virus

Summary of the update:

  • The Corona Virus shouldn’t affect our schedule.
  • Proofreading of the English Encyclopedia is still ongoing. We would be very grateful if further people could have a look at it.
  • We played the “history mode” several times in the last weeks. Some funny creations are presented in the update.
  •  Soundtrack of the week: Giant Rooks – New Estate 

Dear Backers,

I hope you are all doing well in these rather special times. With the spread of Covid-19, we feel it is our responsibility to let you know how the situation is affecting both this campaign and our company in general (to make it short: not too much atm). But first, the whole team would like to wish all of you who are affected by the effects of the virus in any way to keep safe and healthy.

So how is the spread of the virus affecting the campaign? We are in close contact with our European manufacturing partners and they do not expect any delays in production. Therefore, as far as we can assess the situation at the moment, it should not affect the fulfillment of the campaign. However, I would like to mention that accurate predictions are of course very difficult to make, and the situation can change within a few weeks. If parts of the supply chain or production chain fails, the whole process may of course slow down a bit. In any case, we will do our best and continue to work hard to be on track and ensure that you receive your order on time. We remain confident that this is possible 😃

What does the spread of the virus mean for our company? Marc, Elio, and I are currently working from home and communicate very often by phone. However, we were already doing this before the outbreak of the virus. So, the current situation doesn’t change too much for us. The only thing that has changed is that a few smaller conventions have been cancelled, in which we have planned to participate. Financially, such smaller cancellations are absolutely no problem for us. Thus, we can fortunately say that no major incisive incidents have taken place yet. The next bigger event would be the Fantasy Basel at the end of May. Many experts assume that the situation will have improved by then. Of course, we hope so too.

Last week, Marc informed you in an update that the encyclopedia can be proofread. At this point, a big thank you for all those who have helped us so far! Marc has looked at all corrections very carefully and accepted them accordingly. We would be really grateful if other volunteers could take a look at the texts and check again if everything is error-free. Let me once again summarize the most important points to watch out for:

  • The two Google Docs Files can be found here: SHORT TEXT and LONG TEXT. If you find an error when reading the PDF file (HERE), you can directly suggest how to correct it in the Google Docs files. In the end, the changes will then be accepted by Marc.
  • Please correct only if you are 100% sure that something is wrong. If bigger parts, whole sentences should be changed, perform a “right click” on your computer and write a “comment”. Otherwise we will have a huge mess in the end, and it will be difficult for others to correct.
  • Don’t forget, the space is limited, we only have 218 characters (incl. spaces) for the SHORT TEXT and 443 (incl. spaces) for the LONG TEXT.
  • If you want to be immortalized with your name, please add a comment in the end of the Google Docs Files with your name. Thank you!
  • If somebody finds factual errors, we would be very happy for a hint! Please help us to make this right 🙂 All “factual errors” (e.g. wrong Latin name, wrong dimensions, wrong map etc.) should be sent to marc@treecer.com. Of course, we will also immortalize your name if you “only” check the facts and not the spelling. That’s equally important for us.
  • With certain animals, we don’t have all facts. Such “missing facts” are marked as “N/A”. If you know the “solution” for such an empty spot, we would be very happy if you would tell us with an email to marc@treecer.com.
  • It would be great if we could have the corrections of the English version by Friday 20th March. (but like always, the earlier the better :))
  • Thanks a lot for your help. Even if you just find one tiny mistake, we really appreciate it from the bottom of our heart.

In the last few weeks, we have tried the “history mode” relatively often, as there were still some minor points to check. In this mode, two eras are played as usual, while the remaining 4 eras are played with the appearance of the humankind. The mode is thus a fusion of the base game as well as the expansion and should simulate the evolutionary history of earth. It’s a mode for the hardcore player who wants to play Darwin’s Choice for an afternoon. Another goal in this mode is to get Dinosaur cards throughout the game, as they are of big value with 10 Darwin points. Even though the games needed a lot of focus, it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I have to admit that Marc managed to win difficult games four times in a row. Respect for this good performance!

Some of the Dinosaur species that survived until the end of the game.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the game and if anything should change due to the spread of the virus. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

With best regards,

Samuel, Marc and Elio